Testing Svn Release Scripts

How can I test a release process?

I’m improving the scripting of the Apache Subversion release process. Preparing and publishing a release involves things like making a branch in the source repository, updating web pages, updating buildbot configurations, and (not yet automated) sending emails.

When I’m modifying the release scripts, I needed a way to test without making bogus “live” releases.

The source code, web pages, and buildbot config are all stored in Subversion repositories, so that was a good place to start.

Where I’ve got to so far:

  • scripted the creation of a set of local repositories that contain a minimum viable contents that the script expects to find;
  • pass the release.py script a set of alternative URLs for the various repositories it is going to read and modify;
  • manually inspect what the script changed in those repositories.

My initial script to set up local dummy repos is ugly and slow. But that’s OK; the important thing is it’s enough to proceed with verifying the automation while I improve it.

# Make a local svn repo suitable for testing our release procedures
# ('release.py' etc.)

set -e



# export_with_props SRC_WC DST_WC
function export_with_props() {
  svn export $SRC_WC $DST_WC
  svn add --force --no-auto-props $DST_WC
  # remove automatically added mime-type props as some of them are not an exact replica
  svn pd -R svn:mime-type $DST_WC
  # add an exact replica of source props
  (cd $SRC_WC && svn diff --properties-only --old=^/@0 --new=.) > $PROPS_TO_ADD
  (cd $DST_WC && svn patch $PROPS_TO_ADD)
  # rm props-to-del props-to-add

set -x


### the 'dist.a.o' repo ###

if ! [ -d $DUMMY_DIST_REPO_DIR ]; then

  # create a repo
  svnadmin create $DUMMY_DIST_REPO_DIR

  # create skeleton dirs
  svn -m "Init" mkdir --parents $DUMMY_DIST_REPO_URL/{dev,release}/subversion


### the 'svn.a.o' repo

if ! [ -d $DUMMY_SVN_REPO_DIR ]; then

  # create a repo
  svnadmin create $DUMMY_SVN_REPO_DIR

  # create skeleton dirs
  svn -m "Init" mkdir --parents $DUMMY_SVN_REPO_URL/subversion/{trunk,tags,branches,site}

  # check out
  cd $SVN_WC_DIR

  # populate trunk
  rmdir subversion/trunk
  export_with_props $SRC_TRUNK_WC subversion/trunk
  svn revert -R subversion/trunk/{contrib,notes}/*
  svn ci -m "Add trunk" subversion/trunk

  # populate site
  export_with_props $SRC_SITE_WC/tools subversion/site/tools
  export_with_props $SRC_SITE_WC/publish subversion/site/publish
  svn revert -R subversion/site/publish/docs/{api,javahl}/*
  svn ci -m "Add site" subversion/site
  svn cp -m "Add site staging branch" ^/subversion/site/publish ^/subversion/site/staging

  # a mod on trunk
  echo hello > subversion/trunk/hello.txt
  svn add subversion/trunk/hello.txt
  svn ci -m "Trunk mod." subversion/trunk/hello.txt

  # make 1.13.x branch
  svn cp -m "Branch 1.13.x" ^/subversion/trunk ^/subversion/branches/1.13.x
  svn up --depth=immediates subversion/branches/1.13.x/
  sed 's/1\.12\.[0-9]*/1.13.0/' < $SRC_BRANCHES_WC/1.12.x/STATUS > subversion/branches/1.13.x/STATUS
  svn add subversion/branches/1.13.x/STATUS
  svn ci -m "Add 'STATUS' file."


Make the dummy repos:

$ cd /opt/svn
$ rm -rf dummy-asf-repos/ && svn-mk-dummy-asf-repo.sh

Tell ‘release.py’ where the dummy repositories are:

$ export SVN_RELEASE_SVN_REPOS=file:///opt/svn/dummy-asf-repos/svn-repo/subversion
$ export SVN_RELEASE_DIST_REPOS=file:///opt/svn/dummy-asf-repos/dist-repo
$ export SVN_RELEASE_BUILDBOT_REPOS=file:///opt/svn/dummy-asf-repos/buildbot-repo

Start testing:

$ mkdir -p test-releasing/ && cd test-releasing/
$ release.py build-env 1.13.0-alpha1
INFO:root:Creating release environment
$ ./release.py roll 1.13.0-alpha1 7
INFO:root:Rolling release 1.13.0-alpha1 from branch branches/1.13.x@7
$ ./release.py sign-candidates 1.13.0-alpha1
INFO:root:Signing /opt/svn/test-releasing/deploy/subversion-1.13.0-alpha1.zip
$ ./release.py create-tag 1.13.0-alpha1 7
INFO:root:Creating tag for 1.13.0-alpha1
$ ./release.py post-candidates 1.13.0-alpha1 
INFO:root:Importing tarballs to file:///opt/svn/dummy-asf-repos/dist-repo/dev/subversion
# ... and so on

Inspect what the script changed in the dummy repositories:

$ svn log -v --limit=1 $SVN_RELEASE_SVN_REPOS 

r8 | julianfoad | 2019-10-02 15:40:18 +0100 (Wed, 02 Oct 2019) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /subversion/tags/1.13.0-alpha1 (from /subversion/branches/1.13.x:7)
   M /subversion/tags/1.13.0-alpha1/subversion/include/svn_version.h
Tagging release 1.13.0-alpha1

$ svn log -v --limit=1 $SVN_RELEASE_DIST_REPOS 

r2 | julianfoad | 2019-10-02 15:40:56 +0100 (Wed, 02 Oct 2019) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /dev/subversion/subversion-1.13.0-alpha1.tar.bz2
   A /dev/subversion/subversion-1.13.0-alpha1.tar.bz2.asc
   A /dev/subversion/subversion-1.13.0-alpha1.tar.bz2.sha512
   A /dev/subversion/subversion-1.13.0-alpha1.tar.gz
   A /dev/subversion/subversion-1.13.0-alpha1.tar.gz.asc
   A /dev/subversion/subversion-1.13.0-alpha1.tar.gz.sha512
   A /dev/subversion/subversion-1.13.0-alpha1.zip
   A /dev/subversion/subversion-1.13.0-alpha1.zip.asc
   A /dev/subversion/subversion-1.13.0-alpha1.zip.sha512
   A /dev/subversion/svn_version.h.dist-1.13.0-alpha1
Add Subversion 1.13.0-alpha1 candidate release artifacts

and so on.

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