Mozilla’s “Reimagine the Web” Survey

My responses to Mozilla’s “Reimagine the Web” Survey; your responses are needed by 14th May.

  1. I consider myself to be:
    • Tech savvy
  2. favorite thing about the internet:
    • removes tedium like posting paper order forms; learn serious and fun things; work from home
  3. the term “open internet” is best explained as:
    • my connections, data and activities are legally and practically owned and controlled by me, not by freebie-service lock-you-in companies
  4. Thinking about the future of the internet leaves you feeling:
    • Super excited!
  5. Who is most responsible for making the internet a good place to be?
    • big corps Won’t; gov’t Should but in UK is not proactive (encouraging to see French gov’t pushing open tech like Matrix); we users Are theoretically responsible for this part of our society but don’t know about the issue or what to do about it
  6. What values are most important for ensuring a healthy online experience?
    • trust and reputation: to decide whose blogs, news, product ads to trust, I need the ability to share and manage reputation of users and companies
  7. What are the main challenges we, as a society, face on the internet at the moment?
    • Privacy violations, Lack of Civility, Centralization of control
  8. What should Mozilla’s role in contributing to a healthy online experience focus on?
    • Encouraging advocates of openness to work together, because hackers often prefer working in a sandbox but linked systems are key to open internet. Both encouraging individuals and especially forging relationships among organizations (smaller ones, bigger ones like Apache, FSF, Debian, any at all).
    • Seeding initiatives to improve linking and viability of open internet projects, especially important but un-sexy areas that aren’t already addressed by enough volunteers, like ways for everyone to store and back up all kinds of their personal data.
    • Teaching newcomers and general net citizens about the issues.
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