Matrix: click my user id to contact me

I was mentioning my Matrix user id in my last blog post, and I wanted to mark it up as a hyperlink so that readers could click on it to contact me through Matrix. Or rather I want that to be possible in general.

Shall I use a “matrix:” URL scheme?

or microformats?

    <span class="p-matrix">@julian:...</span>

Perhaps a URL scheme is a good place to start. How will software know to act on it? Before it’s universally implemented, we might expect to install a browser plug-in to act on it. What should it do? Bring up the user’s preferred Matrix message composer, if and when such a thing is configured in the user’s operating system (as is nowadays common for email links and some other kinds of links). Alternatively, bring up a “compose” action in some web UI that the plug-in knows about, such as .

Has anything like this been declared or implemented yet?

A partial answer:

brings up a web site offering ways to connect to my user id in Riot (using a direct link) and others that don’t support direct links. The Riot link is

and the page has a link to issue #455 tracking this problem.

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