My Web Presence To-Do List

See also: My IT Wiki

IT Changes

  • update contacts on add Matrix, rm FB etc.
  • reverse-proxy: switch services from Apache to Traefik
  • move svnserve to edith
  • contacts & calendar: move from Nextcloud to plain SabreDav?

Liberate external sites

  • amazon wish list -> whattogive
  • (whattogive -> other FOSS?)

Services to Run

  • identity / single-sign-on: LDAP (via Ubos?), FF Sync Server
  • photo sharing (Piwigo? MediaGoblin?)
  • software development: GitLab / Phabricator / RhodeCode
  • comms: send me an SMS — via Matrix bridge?
  • friendly coding IDE (e.g. IPython Notebooks, JSBin) so I can show/teach family/friends/myself some coding

Web Site — core


  • move my stuff under ‘julian.’
  • move WP web pages out from under ‘blog.’


  • Use a simple ‘static’ system (like Jekyll or several others)? (WordPress is OK for blog but not for my general web site.)
  • move my hand-built web pages into CMS even if it’s WP, so at least I get consistent headers, navigation, etc.


  • consider running IndieAuth endpoint instead of relying on GitHub/Twitter
  • implement another bit of IndieMark