Improving Links

Sharing links to Matrix users or rooms or messages is broken. The “” service currently does not “cut it” for federated use.

A standard matrix: URI scheme is proposed as a superior solution, but that is far from ready and we need a usable interim solution.

Where are we with having links like to suggest …

Rubén Martín (nukeador)

To make this interim service work satisfactorily with a federated matrix network, while it lives at a centralized URL, we need to make it support decentralized use cases as far as possible.

Current problems

Problems, in terms of design issues:

  • users can’t customize it
    • e.g. hide unwanted options, add custom options, set a default
  • federated server admins can’t customize it
    • e.g. completely replace it, or customizations as for user
  • always points to
    • should point to user’s or federated server’s preferred Riot-like web client
  • can’t click through to any other client the user has installed
    • where client registered a URI scheme handler on the device
  • doesn’t remember the user’s choice and get out of their way
    • it could redirect automatically on future visits
  • the UI is not simple, clean, helpful
  • doesn’t offer the proposed standard matrix: URI scheme
    • should offer matrix: scheme links, initially as an advanced option, for those who are starting to test or use them

Many of these issues can be improved by changes to the central “” web site.

I propose the following changes to the service:

Together, these might address the most pressing of the usability issues.

(The last item, adding “matrix:” URIs, is important in a different way. Rather than solving an immediate user need, it promotes development of the matrix ecosystem towards replacing this interim system with a better one.)

One issue remains. The fact that federated server admins can’t customize the experience is hard to avoid. Some options are:

  • The page could let the user redirect to their preferred “” replacement page, and remember the preference. That works for power users on a repeat visit, not for casual or first-time users. Better than nothing so I’m starting here.
  • The page could perform a client-local search for config settings, that’s wider scope than browser-local; some kind of Zero-configuration networking, perhaps; I haven’t looked into it.
  • An admin could set local DNS (within an organization’s internal network, or a home user’s router) to point the DNS name “” to a local page. Only useful for users sitting on such a network; may be useful in offices etc.


I am trying out these ideas. I will make source code and a demo available when I get around to it. I will update this post below, as and when I do so. I will listen to your feedback (in the Matrix room please, rather than blog comments) and incorporate your suggestions where they make sense to me.

Some early draft mock-ups:

Please join myself and others discussing this in the Matrix room .